Weekly Winner

Meet Noodle

The Unknown
Ken and Sarah Surrey, BC, Canada

Noodle was Adopted as a wee kitten from the Richmond SPCA.  Out of all the kittens he was the one who come up and wanted to play right away.  Noodle is a big fluff ball and loves to lay around, doing big streches, laying upside down and generally putting on a photoshoot.

Noodle is quite shy of Children, because he doesn't like strangers right away, and really doesn't like being held or grabbed.  If he wants to snuggle, it's on his own terms.


Noods, Noodie
Playing "Apps for Cats" on iPad, Tweeting at @NoodleCatz
The Outdoors, Children, Dryfood, Vet Checkups
Favorite Foods
Milk and Wet Food, Daddys Water Glass
Favorite Pastimes
Meeting his new Brother Rufus, getting dressed up by Mommy

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