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Meet Peanut

The Bengal Mix
Karma Erwin West Greenwich RI

I am 2 years old and live with my Mom and Dad, and sister Baby and my uncle Moses . I have to be on a special diet, because I had 2 medical emergencies  couple of months ago with crystals in my urine ,my peepee was plugged  . Mom worries about me every day . I have a facebook page, where you can see more of my pictures . Peanut & Co. Thankyou so much for voting !

2 years old
peepee cat
nomnoms, tunafish , playing tag with Dadda,being silly , running around da house
dogs , da vacuum cleaner and ulluh strange noises
Favorite Foods
tunaaaaaa <3
Favorite Pastimes
watching birdies and running aftuh squirrlies, hehehe

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