Weekly Winner

Meet Possum

The Domestic shorthair
Kali Persall & Jason Megowan Ashland, OR

My name is Possum! I had my 1st birthday in August and mommy and daddy gave me lots of treats and cuddles! I had lost alot of weight recently and parents couldn't figure out what was wrong with me despite their best efforts. On my mommy's 20th birthday, she noticed that I was quietly slipping away and arranged an emergency trip to the vet. It was a miracle that the kind woman was there on a saturday, and stayed for more than 2 hours trying to help me get better. Mommy and daddy took me home and fed me a liquid diet and antibiotics, covering me with a soft blankie and spending lots of time cuddling and loving me. I loved my life on Earth very much, but the angels in kitty Heaven were holding a special place for me. The next day, Sept. 1, I looked into my mommy's eyes for the last time and meowed. When she left the room to get more liquid food, I just drifted away in my daddy's arms while I looked out the sliding glass door. The sunlight and swaying trees faded away and I let go. My mommy and daddy were so very sad because they loved me so much. They buried my body loverlooking the lake and mountains and laid flowers on my grave. They wrote love notes to me on a stone and set it there too. I will see them again someday, but in the meantime I am playing with my sister Pearl and eating all the treats I can lay eyes on. <3 

1 year
Jumping in the fridge to protest for milk, climbing trees, treats, sitting on laps while riding in the car
Despised riding in his cat carrier
Favorite Foods
Possum would eat ANYTHING. Once he tried to carry a whole pizza off the table, and nearly succeeded.
Favorite Pastimes
Meeting other animals, exploring the great outdoors, cuddling

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