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Meet Raven

The DSH Tuxedo Kitten
Julie Rady Corpus Christi

Raven is a such an incredible special needs kitten. She was born on 3/14/2013 with Twisted Leg Syndrome in her hind legs. She had early intervention and her legs are no longer twisted but she does suffer from a list of disabilities including being deaf and having visual issues. Raven now undergoes laser therapy treatments for her lower back and hind legs to help with her nerve damage, inflammation, and other issues that were causing her pain. She is also receiving acupuncture. Words can not even begin to express just how special Raven is. Her Facebook page "A Future For Raven: A Kitten Born With Rare Disabilities" is growing daily with members who we proudly call "Raven's Angels". It is because of her Raven's Angels, that Raven has progressed as fast as she has and is alive today after suffering from two very bad stomach infections. We are so incredibly thankful to all of her Angels for their love and support! There is not a day that goes by that Raven doesn't receive a message or post about how inspiring she is or just how her picture has brightened up one of her Angel's day. She proudly donates gifts baskets to auctions to help out other special needs kitties with medical needs. She loves car rides and visiting her favorite stores like PetCo and World Market. Everywhere Raven goes with her special poke a dot blanket,  she meets new friends and even fans from her Facebook page. At this time, she is being registared as a "Therapy Animal" through Service Animal Registry of America. Even though this three month old kitten has endured so much during her life so far, she still manages to be incredibly friendly, sweet, and loves to add a little spice to the day. Her nick name is "Princess Grumpy Pants" which is her alter ego for when she is in a mood or just plain being spoiled but who can look at her face and not want to spoil her? Raven is surrounded by her two sisters and brother, along with several adult cats, including her real mother. Raven is full of love and loved by many from around the world but she is loved most of all by me, her mother. 

Her Facebook page is called "A Future For Raven: A Kitten Born With Rare Disabilities 


3 Months
Princess Grumpy Pants, and Ray-Ray
Car rides, her special poke a dot blanket, feather toys, going shopping, and meeting new people and bringing smiles to strangers faces.
Canned food, having to share the basket on her cat tree with her sisters, and being told "No!"
Favorite Foods
Purina Pro Plan Kitten Food and Treats!
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping on her special orthopedic pillow with her sisters and brother and causing chaos when ever possible.

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