Weekly Winner

Meet Sisi

The European Shorthair - dwarf cat
Marion Singen

Sisi´s a now 14 year old European Shorthair dwarf cat who only has 2,5 kg/5 lbs, I adopted her from my mum on July, the 4th of 2014 when she had to move to an old people´s residence sooner than expected, and my 2 tomcats Gizzy and Thori adopted her as their little patchwork sister immediately!!!

"Prinzessle" (little Princess), "Mäusle ( little mouse)
Taking naps, playing, being cuddled
Noise, stress, strangers
Favorite Foods
Wet and dry food, poultry, fish
Favorite Pastimes
Taking naps, cuddling up with Gizzy and Thori

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