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Meet Smeagol_Puss

The Snaggletooth Short Hair
Human Q. Belize, Central America

My name is Smeagol and I'm from Belize, Central America.  I was found on Jan. 9, 2015 starving to death with a broken jaw.  I weighed only 1 lb and there was not much hope, as my jaw could not be fixed.  But human refused to give up on me, and now I've grown into a big handsome boy.  I even have my own instagram @smeagol_puss and facebook page where I post daily pics of my new happy life and my snaggletooth.

Meagie, Meagols
Food, Treats, Carrots, Playing with Roaches, jumping on old cats, attacking toes under blankets
Belly rubs, the vacuum cleaner, loud sudden noises
Favorite Foods
Temptations treats, anything edible and non-edible that i can get my paws on
Favorite Pastimes
Eating, sleeping in the sink, eating, begging, stealing food

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