Weekly Winner

Meet Snaggles

The Tuxedo (rescue)
Albert Smith North East, PA

Snaggles found us in my back yard. He was on the roof of my garage, meowing to my daughter, grandkids and me. We brought him in and took him to the vet. He is FIV positive and was suffering from an upper respiratory infection. Without treatment, he very well could have died. We had him treated and did some research on FIV. He can't pass it to the others without a deep bite wound.  He is so sweet he hasn't had any problems with his 14 brothers & sisters.

3? he's a rescue
Climbing on me to sleep at night.
Cleaning his eyes.
Favorite Foods
He likes to dine with Hope on Friskies Pate
Favorite Pastimes
Hanging with Dad.

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