Weekly Winner

Meet Sparky

The Maine Coon
Linda Berea, Ohio

Sparky has a personality as big as he is.  He truly is a 'gentle giant', just like the breed's description says.  He is probably close to 20 pounds and truly is a giant.  He is probably 3 times the size of Loraine, our smallest and newest cat.  He is very fluffy and it's hard to keep up with those pesky matts.  But Sparky's temperment is so mild.  Rarely a hiss and an occasional growl escapes from him.  He has never taken a bite or a mean

3 - will be 4 in November
Spark-plug, Sparkle-dee-Darkle, Sparko-kinesis, Spark-manivich, Mr. McFluff.
Playing with his dog plush toy, 'Larry the Lizard', teasing his 2 step-sisters who find him a nuisance. Sitting on the computer table, hogging the keyboard. Giving head-butts.
Getting matts removed, Being (overly) brushed, taking any sort of medicine that involves a pill.... including pill pockets.
Favorite Foods
Typical cat foods, with Fancy Feast being his favorite. And of course he loves the 'nip like the rest of them.
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with Larry the Lizard and using him as a security blanket at night. Playing and getting used to his new step-sister. Wrestling with his step-brother, Spyder.

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