Weekly Winner

Meet Sugar

The Siamese/ Tabby mix
Leslie Breverman San Francisco, California USA

Sugar is exactly like her name! She loves to cuddle and "make biscuits", all over Mommy! She is the middle of 3 and the mediator, between the other two! Sugar was adotped from the San Francisco SPCA, on 02/15/2014, to be a friend for my oldest cat! Sugar has her own Facebook fan page, she share's with her sisters, called Pumpkin Sugar Spices Entertaining Model Adventures!

14 months
Sugar Booger
Cat Nip, Toys, String, Her sisters, Catching Bugs & Eating them.
Getting flea medicine, the vacuum, strangers.
Favorite Foods
Friskies Meaty Fillets, Meow Mix Dry Food.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, eating, rolling around in nip, drinking out of the toilet, catching bugs.

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