Weekly Winner

Meet Sylvester

The Domestic short hair
Grace Contessa Melbourne, Australia

I am 14 yrs old. My human mommy's cousin rescued me from a lawn mower. Then the cousin gave me to hooman mummy. Been wif her ever since & I wuv her lots.

I am a laid back kitty with a cheeky personality.  I love to be petted, kissed and hugged by my hoomans. When I walk my belly hangs low but I am not fat.  

I like to be the only kitty in the house as I am the boss, which is why I am sometimes called the Big 'S'!  ;)

Silove, the big 'S', My boy.
Vanilla ice-cream, cheese, watching the birdies and when mommy comes home from work
Big rain coats, hairdryers, vacuum cleaners and the vet
Favorite Foods
Chicken, cheese, prawns, mince meat, corn kernels
Favorite Pastimes
Watching the birdies, napping, eating and more napping

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