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Meet Yash Cleopatra Clover (CLEO)

The Bombay
Karen Wright Mankato

Cleo is a Triple Grand Champion Bombay in The International Cat Association (TICA). She is also a therapy cat to Grant, age 8 who is on the Autism spectrum. Cleo has shiny, black patent leather fur and large, copper penny-colored eyes that pierce the soul. She acts much like a dog, making her a great companion. We bred her to a beautiful sable Burmese and she is due to have her first litter of kittens sometime in late July!

1 year 4 months
Sleeping under the covers, following us from room to room, jumping and doing flips in the air, bursting at high speeds around the house for no apparent reason!
other cats at Cat shows
Favorite Foods
Royal Canin Special 33
Favorite Pastimes
Cuddling with Grant (our 8 year old son who is on the Autism spectrum)

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