With lots of windows open to let in the summer breeze, we need to be mindful of our kitties' safety. Cats love heights and peering out windows, but sometimes their adventurous natures can get the better of them. Here are our top safety tips!

  1. Make sure windows are securely screened. Remember, childproof doesn't mean catproof. If you know a certain window opens out into an inaccessible alley or busy street, pay special attention to these windows.
  2. Shorter distances are more dangerous, since a cat may not have enough time to rotate for a safe landing.
  3. Don't leave food, toys, scratchers or the litterbox by a dangerous window
  4. If you are not home, make sure the windows are shut.
  5. Remember, even indoor-loving kitties can escape if surprised by a loud noise or unexpected event.

Modern Cat staff cat Cordelia escaped through an open window when her humans were distracted by a smoke alarm. We were thrilled to get her home safe, but it made us remember the basics are important! Our best, safe wishes for your cat!