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Square Paws: Cat Condos to Match Your Home

Mario Arbore is a trained architect who started making cat condos as a passion project. He saw a need in the market for unique, quality kitty condos and together with expert craftsman, Benedito, turned his passion into a business.

Here at Modern Cat, we just adore Square Paws’ modern, artistic pieces that give life to any space. We talked with Mario about his company to better understand why they’re such a good option when deciding what kitty condo to purchase.

Square Paws Lighthouse

What kind of goods does Square Paws offer?

Square Paws is a cat-centered company like none other.  We design and build fun and exciting cat furniture and cat-inspired home goods for the discerning cat-lover.  Our primary focus is making sculptural items for the home which are perfect for cats to inhabit.

What makes Square Paws unique? How do you stand out in comparison to similar organizations?

We approach the design of cat towers and cat condos as “complimenting” items:  that is, one’s cat furniture should compliment your home décor and it should compliment how your cat looks.  We use high quality materials (plywood and solid wood for substrates, fine paints, and long-lasting nylon carpeting), and we often design our pieces to be unique and individual, just like your cat.

Square Paws Catbernet

When asked to begin a custom item, we start by asking questions about the owner, the cat or cats, their behavior, the intended location in the home, the context of colors and décor, and then we go from there.  Our tagline is “art that cats dream of,” and we mean that.  What we make is art!

What makes Square Paws a good choice for pet owners? What benefits do they gain by engaging with your organization?

Because we choose what is often tongue-in-cheek subject matter for our creations (oversized hats, shrunken-down lighthouses, Ferris wheels, thrones, and the like), pet owners are guaranteed to be getting something that is fun to look at and pleasing for their kitties to jump, play, and sleep on. As a seasoned architect we have the advantage of an approach to design that is thoughtful towards scale, proportion, durability, and aesthetics.

Square Paws Hat Condo

What are the core values of Square Paws? How do they influence your business practices?  

We whole-heartedly support our sisters and brothers who give their time and love to TNR (trap-neuter-return), animal rescue, fostering, etc. Although we get approached very often to donate items for auctions, we’re not currently able to satisfy all of these requests. However, we give at least one of our pieces away each year, and we continue to pledge to donate 10% of net sales to animal rescue organizations.

 What’s the best way for pet owners to find out more about Square Paws?

They can find us online at, follow us on Facebook at SquarePaws, as well as Instagram @square_paws, and Twitter @SqPaws.  We can also be reached by phone at 844-5-SQ-PAWS.

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