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Story Time Adventures with Silas, Opal, and Friends

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The Silas Series, appropriate for cat lovers ages 3 to 103, begins with Big Ole Striped Silas and takes the reader and listener through a range of emotions. From sadness at the loss of a beloved pet, to healing, happiness, and companionship with the adoption of Silas, this book emphasizes the importance of shelter adoptions.

Silas Gets a Sister is an entertaining journey from cat show to private home in search of a playmate for Silas. In this second book in The Silas Series, we are introduced to Miss Opal, the feisty runt of the litter and soon-to-be-sister to Silas.

Remember the fun experienced during the “get acquainted” period when introducing a new pet into the family? Silas and Opal Meet is a humorous look at cat behavior, hissing and spitting included, but with a warm and fuzzy ending.

Everyone returns to the shelter in Silas and Opal’s Shelter Visit! Silas takes a trip down memory lane and fondly remembers his former shelter mates while spending the day with his old friend, Big Heavy. Silas must step into the middle of a fracas and remind two shelter dogs what is, and isn’t, appropriate behavior. Opal watches Silas set an example for all the shelter animals and could not be more proud of her brother. Silas and Opal’s Shelter Visit leaves you wondering what the next adventure will be…stay tuned!

The Silas Series books have beautiful illustrations that complement the wholesomeness of these rhyming stories that impart lessons of kindness with humor, and entertain one and all. This book series goes the distance…and then some, and will soon become a favorite in your home.  And be sure to read not only to your pets, but all those in your neighborhood!

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