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Organic cotton tank

Brookyln-based illustrator and surface pattern designer Leah Goren makes all sorts of cool things and sells them in her Esty shop. Among my faves is this drape-y, organic cotton tank printed with her original kitty-head design.—Jennifer ($85,

Engraveable pet tags by Sleepypod

I love the whimsical designs of these engraveable pet identification tags from Sleepypod. Choose from the chick, whale, lion, dinosaur or sheep designs, but be forewarned, they’re all so darned cute, you’ll probably order more than one. Made of jewelry-grade 100 percent stainless steel or 18k gold-plate, they come in two sizes, a small size for kitty and a larger size for you.—Connie (from $18,

Tom Cat ring by Mark Poulin

As my hero Queen Beyonce would say, “if you like it then you should’a put a ring on it!” What better ring to put on than this totally adorable Tom Cat sterling silver ring designed by Mark Poulin? So cute!—Celine ($48,

Polaroid Sun 660 Kit from the Impossible Project

Go retro with your cats, no Instagram filters needed! Thanks to the Impossible Project, which saved the last Polaroid plant and thus saved instant photography, you can still take unique old-school photos of your lovely feline friends. The Polaroid Sun 660 Kit comes with two film packs and an Impossible Frog Tongue, which shields the photo from light while it develops. Did I mention that the camera is original and refurbished? Are you kitten me? Pretty meowsome.—Vanessa (From $85,

Kong Kickeroos

I absolutely love the Kong Kickeroos! These cuddly lil’ monsters are filled with catnip, crackle when you touch ‘em and, and have 68 amazing reviews on amazon! I’m sold! —Aisha ($4,

Paint-by-numbers kit by Easy 123 Art

Because I’m ever so slightly more artistic in my mind than in practice, I occasionally need a little help. This paint-by-numbers kit helps me complete masterpieces of all the creatures in my life. Just upload a photo of your choice and your coded canvas and paints soon arrive, ready for your artistic touch.—Jessica (from $49,

Litter box from Kitty A Gogo

Blackie Chan is a secret ninja kitty who values his privacy, so he really loves his Kitty A Gogo litter box that provides the seclusion he deserves while he does his business. Plus, the sleek black exterior matches his shiny, soft coat.—Sara ($130,

Handcrafted fabric baskets from Carrie Belle’s Calicos

Baskets are awesome to begin with and to make it even more awesome simply put me, Momo, a 6 month old kitten in one of these lovely handcrafted fabric baskets from Carrie Belle’s Calicos. Kitten in a basket? What more could you ask for!—Momo ($42,

Pillowcases from Dogsnorz

These pillowcases are sure to get people talking! Not only do they feature hilariously accurate slogans for pet owners but they are soft and luxurious too!—Maxine "Catishak" Matishak ($38,

Feliway diffuser by Feliway

Our Cordy’s afraid of everything—loud noises, other cats, visiting humans—and this led to some pretty antisocial behaviour, including a total avoidance of the litter box. Then we plugged in a Feliway diffuser, which releases a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone used by cats to mark their territory as safe and secure, and now she’s purring loud and proud (and using the box again).—Jane ($40,

Thundershirt by Thundershirt for Cats

Trips to the vet will be a breeze now that I have a Thundershirt for my cats. The gentle, constant pressure from the Thundershirt keeps my cats calm, cool, and reassured. No more hiding in the waiting room!—Mary ($40,

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