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Canopy Lounge by Canopy Studio

Great heights. You might wish the Canopy Lounge, inspired by the work of mid-century American architects Charles and Ray Eames, came in human sizes. Made of walnut and complete with a removable upholstery cushion (imported from Denmark, no less), the Canopy bed is a work of art that doubles as an elevated platform upon which cats can recline. $395,

Mouse Vision Test

Mouse Vision Test. If laughter really is the best medicine, this feline eye chart is the perfect addition to any home (or vet office!). Plus, feel extra good because $1 from the sae of each poster is donated to Best Friends Animal Society. $14,

Cat Tao Glasses from Uncommon Goods

Good Cat, Bad Cat. Yin meets Yang in these charming Cat Tao Glasses. Each glass is adorned with illustrations depicting the opposing personality traits (Player/Thinker, Hiss/Purr) of the clever feline. Makes a great, one-of-a-kind gift for quirky cat lovers! $35 for a set of four,

Stuffed Cats

We’re in love with these stuffed cats made from vintage Scandinavian fabrics. Each face is lovingly hand screen-printed, lending each toy its own character. A perfect gift for cat-lovers and designlovers alike. $24,

Ceramic dishes from Dulce Dahlia

Hip & hungry. Inspired by Ancient Greek pottery patterns, Dulce Dahlia puts a mod spin on the ancient chevron pattern. The resultant sweet and bright ceramic dishes will liven up your kitty’s corner of the kitchen with their trendy zig zag design. The perfect choice for hep cats. $22,

Litter box by Modkat

Informed design. In the award-winning, innovative Modkat litter box, form, function, and design unite. The enclosed base and rooftop access allow your kitty to do her business in complete privacy while the design prevents any litter spillage and keeps all four cat paws clean. Its reusable liner comes complete with ergonomic handle, making cleaning effortless and eco-friendly. $180,

Calabash Hammock from Kitticraft

The Calabash Hammock is an ideal refuge for design-conscious kitties. Made from medium density fibreboard, the slatted components allow for light and airflow while offering a cozy protected spot just for your cat. $191,

Stoneware by Jonathan Adler

Stash your kitty’s stuff in style with Jonathan Adler’s high-fired stoneware Kitty Krack treat canister $128,

Stainless steel food dish from Wet Noz

This chic stainless steel food dish has rubber accents to prevent slippage and will complement any décor with its clean lines. Shallow and wide, it prevents irritation to your cat’s sensitive whiskers $30,

Fish-shaped cat mats by Chilewich

Keep your home free of dinnertime mess with these practical yet hip fish-shaped cat mats. Made from Chilewich’s signature fabric, they’re durable, easy-to-clean, and not short on style. Available in an array of fun colours to suit any cat’s personality. $26,

Handmade felt throws by Kittypod

Handmade, luxurious knit alpaca felt throws are perfect for cuddling up on and/or protecting furniture from kneading claws. $96,

Pottery cat dishes by Bauer Pottery

Like cats themselves these Bauer Pottery cat dishes are simplistically elegant and with their Le Creuset-like colours (Lobster! Turquoise! Chartreuse! Bauer yellow!), they’re guaranteed to look good in your kitchen. $24,

Wall-mounted cat-tree from Designer Pet Products

Great for small spaces! A wall-mounted cat-tree gives your cat a destination up and off the floor or couch. One side of the two-part perch has a closed space for storage or decorations, the other a space for curious cats. Configure as you wish. $116,

Koi garden dish by Unleashed Life

Feng Shui feline. Bring some zen to your cat’s dinnertime with Unleashed Life’s Koi Garden Dish. The Japanese inspired design is a tribute to precision and effortless genius. Sounds like cats themselves. $45,

Tent by Go Pet Design

This perfect rest stop for fatigued cats and kittens is handmade from vintage canvas reused from Miltary issue field tents and comes complete with collapsible hardwood poles.Totally awesome. $220,

Magnets from Get A Grip Magnets

Add some flare to your fridge. Cats + monocles, mustaches, and top hats? A magnetic combination. $7,

Scratcher from Pet Fusion

Looking for a great multi-purpose piece? The sculptural design of this part lounge, part scratcher will look great in any room. $50,

Journals by Ecojot

EcoJot’s stylish Jumbo Journals are just the thing for notes, lists, and musings. And all their products are eco-friendly and for every journal sold, Ecojot donates a school workbook to a child in need. (Karl Lagerfeld’s cat has her own journal. Your cat might just need one too.) $17,

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