A new high-tech Wi-Fi device called Tailio will actually turn your cat’s litter box into a health monitor.  Yes, that’s right, a health monitor.  By tracking your cat’s weight and “business” in the box, Tailio can help you keep tabs on your tabby’s wellbeing with an app on your smartphone.

At first blush this may seem like TMI, but when you think about it, it’s really quite brilliant.  After all, while your cat’s aloofness can be quite “charming”, it can also spell trouble for their health because it’s often very difficult to detect something’s wrong.  In fact, our feline pals are often much sicker than dogs when they see a vet for the same health issues.

As any vet will tell you, changes in your cat’s weight and elimination patterns can often be the first indicators of potentially serious health issues like cancer, diabetes, kidney failure and urinary tract disease.  This makes monitoring the litter box make a lot of sense.

So how does Tailio work?  Tailio includes a wireless device that sits under your cat’s litter box to monitor their weight and bathroom habits, such as frequency of visits, amount of waste, length of time spent in the box, and so on.  The system looks for trends and patterns, and alerts you on your Android or iOS smartphone when something looks amiss.  You can take it from there, and even share info with your vet.

Tailio works with multiple cats, and multiple litter boxes.  How?  It creates a “Pawprint” for each cat based on their individual weight and behaviors, so the system can identify who’s using the box.

Cats don’t even know it’s there, so it’s easy for them.  You know more about their wellbeing, so you have peace of mind.  That makes Tailio an easy win-win for keeping cats healthier and happier.

Tailio is available for pre-order now on Kickstarter.  Be sure to check it out and get one at a discounted price!