Our pets are amazing, loyal animals and the joy that their companionship brings is a one-of-a kind bond that we form with them.

Whether we started that union from the inquisitive, playful, haphazard puppy or kitten phase or we gave solace to a four legged friend in need we can all agree that it's human nature to form bonds with animals who in turn positively enrich our lives.

These constant companions are not just pets. They become an integral part of our family. They share our joys during good times and comfort us in times of need with an unspokensympathy of just being present.

They teach us to appreciate life's simple pleasures and they show us unconditional love and friendship.

With Heart In Diamond you can honor and cherish your pet's life in the most personal, poignant way.

Turning your pets fur or ashes into a beautiful shining reminder of that union with a custom created diamond grown from the carbon extracted from the ash or fur from your pet.

By including a lock of your own hair you can continue that sense of ongoing unity allowing you to keep their unique spirit and personality with you forever.

You will have a shining reminder of the wonderful experiences you shared.

If you'd like to hear more about this unique process or would like to receive a consultation, free kit or place an order you can either call Toll Free – 888-417-4715 or visit heart-in-diamonds.com and they'll back to you within 24hrs.