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The Best Cat Backpacks of 2019

Traveling with your cat is becoming more and more popular. Cat Backpacks are all the rage right now. These type of carriers are becoming a more comfortable and convenient way for cat owners to transport their pets. We even use them at the Modern Cat offices!

Here are some of the best cat backpacks we found.

Your Cat Backpack’s Jackson Galaxy Convertible Cat Backpack Carrier:

Cat Backpack

Price: $296

The Cat Daddy himself helped design this super awesome convertible carrier! It can be used as a backpack or held as a traditional carrier. It holds up to 25lbs, has adjustable chest and shoulder straps, and has pockets on either side for storing treats!


Petsfit Soft Hiking Cat Backpack:

Price: $54

The bottom of this cat backpack is covered with faux lamb wool to ensure your pet is as cozy as can be! The back and shoulder straps are also padded for your comfort. The soft material means it can be flattened for easy storage when not in use, and the bottom can be removed for easy cleaning!

Lemonada Portable Travel Pet Carrier:

Price: $55

This backpack is as stylish as it is functional! It comes with both a transparent bubble and a mesh cover so you can switch them out depending on your needs. It has large ventilation holes in several locations to promote air circulation to ensure your pet stays cool and comfortable. Note: this backpack is only for cats under 11 pounds.


Texsens Pet Backpack Carrier:

Price: $56

Ventilation isn’t a problem with this backpack! It has mesh on all three sides for airflow and easy viewing—both in and out. Both sides open, as does the top, and it’s collapsible for easy storage. It can even hold up to 40lbs! That would be one big kitty!


PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier:


Price: $24.99

The PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier is designed for the best, most convenient traveler experience for you and your pet! Recommended for travel, hiking, and outdoor use, this PetAmi Carrier also has waist and chest buckles to give you extra support and safety options. (Available in a variety of colors and it comes with a collapsible pet bowl!)


Price: $39.99

Traveling long-term with your small pet and looking for an airline approved solution? The Xpect Cat Carrier Bubble Backpack is airline approved, equipped with a safety lock to ensure your pet won’t escape when opening the backpack. It is made out of waterproof and anti-scratch material. (Another great cat backpack with a collapsible water bowl! Hydration is very important while traveling with your pet!)


Blitzwolf Pet Portable Carrier:

Price: $37.88

Blitzwolf Pet has a carrier made of Eco-friendly PolyCarbonate. The durable oxford cloth lining provides a comfortable and breathable environment for your pet! This carrier is perfect for small cats (10lbs. and under) and is crafted for long-term travel. (Available in a variety of colors and designs!)

*All backpacks featured have a safety strap on the inside to prevent your pet from running off.

Don’t forget to tuck your harness and leash into your cat backpack when you travel to safely take your kitty out.

*We promote the best information and products for our readers, and some may be affiliates of Modern Cat, which means we make a small amount when you purchase. Thank you for your support!

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  • adriana riley miller-cuevas

    Love the colors and designs !!

  • Cari

    We moved from a bubble backpack to the Petsfit one listed here and are overall really happy with it. Our cat finds it very comfortable for hikes and enjoys all the different ways she can look out. I personally wish it had a few pockets. There’s room for some, and maybe a water bottle holder on the strap. There don’t seem to be any backpacks that offer so much viewing space that also include pockets.

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