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The Best Cat Litters of 2020

Single, Multi, Eco-friendly, Dust-free, and Clumping Cat Litters

Looking for the world’s best cat litter? We all want the perfect product, but everyone’s needs (and cats) are different. There are tons of kitty litter options available so we’ve compiled a list of the best cat litter based on customer reviews on Amazon and unique features that are helpful depending on household preferences. Whether you have a single or multi-cat household, need clumping, dust-free, odor-control or ecofriendly litter, this list will show you which kitty litter to try for the best results.

Our Top Pick for Best Cat Litter: Neon Litter

Key Features:

  • Absorbent litter made of silica micro-crystals
  • Clumping and dust-free
  • Great odor control

First Impressions:

We’ve chosen Neon Litter as the best kitty litter for being a fun, clumping, lightweight, and odor-absorbing choice. The first thing you’ll notice about this litter is the color. There are 5 super bright neon litter colors to choose from and all of them are made with silica micro-crystals. This means that Neon Litter is a lot lighter than normal clay litter, while still offering the same clumping capabilities that clay has.

The other main feature with this litter is the lack of dust! Many cat-owners find that traditional clay litter can irritate their asthma. If your lungs are easily irritated, or you’re usually near the litter box, you might want to try a dust-free litter to keep the air clean.

Price Point:

$11.99 for a 4lb bag, but with big discounts when you order in bulk. Neon litter is a bit pricier than other options, but they do offer free shipping to the continental USA.


If you have a multi-cat household or are on a tight budget, this litter might not be the best choice, but for anyone with dust-sensitivities and wanting to try a great odor controlling litter, we recommend giving Neon Litter a try.

Helpful Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars  I was quite surprised that my cat seemed to like this litter (it started as a joke)

January 1, 2017

I was quite surprised that my cat seemed to like this litter (it started as a joke). The odor control is very good and best of all, it is very light and easy to transport. And finally my indoor cat has a green patch to himself. – MIBlue

5.0 out of 5 stars  Effective and Enjoyable

April 6, 2019

I am a cat behavior consultant. Not only do I recommend this litter to my clients but I have been buying it for my own cat for years. Important factors: It’s fragrance-free, clumping, lower dust than clay, and gentle on paws. I do take issue with their twice-per-week scooping marketing. Cats need their litter box cleaned at least once per day. This litter is no exception.– Jennifer Funkhouser


Best Cat Litter For Odor Control: Skoon All Natural Cat Litter


best odor control cat litter

Key Features:

  • Guaranteed 100% odor control
  • Low dust, non-tracking
  • Completely natural and biodegradable plus Skoon offers handy free delivery
  • Non-Clumping and Low-Maintenance

First Impressions:

Skoon is made of all-natural diatom pebbles that catch and shuts in odor. This super-light biodegradable cat litter is virtually dust free and won’t be tracked all-around your house.

With Skoon you will not have to lug around big bags of cat litter since they offer convenient delivery right to your house.  Customers claim it is super absorbent without having to sift and scoop your cat’s business. This is a great litter for multiple cat families.

Helpful Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars It Leaves No Smell At All

September 18, 2019

I had a wonderful experience with Skoon litter! My two cats used it right away – they didn’t need any time to adapt to it – and it leaves no smell at all. The regular litters last a week, but Skoon last 3 weeks! I’ll buy it again for sure. – Milena

5.0 out of 5 stars I’ve tried Skoon for a month, I’m ordering lots more

August 6, 2019

Love It
I tried Skoon for a month. I have multiple litter boxes because I foster cats and kittens. I put 2 litter boxes of Skoon Cat Litter and the other 6 litter boxes are filled with my old clumping litter. Oh my gosh! I love the Skoon! I only have to discard the feces. That’s it. I use a Kleenex because the stool hardens and dries up so I can just pick it up. I just push the litter around to make sure everything gets absorbed. The other litter boxes have to be scooped, cleaned, scooped, filled, etc.

Now that I’ve tried Skoon for a month, I’m ordering lots more because I’m tired of scooping and loading up my trash can with dirty litter. My garage stinks and it breeds flies.

I love it! – Pam Weiter

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Best Priced Cat Litter: Fresh Step Odor Shield

Key Features:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Uses activated charcoal for a 10-day odor control guarantee
  • Clumping and low dust

First Impressions:

Fresh Step Odor Shield is a straightforward, clay litter that clumps really well, plus the benefit of both activated charcoal and Febreze for extra odor control. When the litter is moved around (by you or your cat) the Febreze fragrance is released, which removes a majority of the ammonia smell and makes cleaning the litter box easier on the nose!

This formula is made for low dust, but if you’re very sensitive to scents, it might be better to stick with a

Price Point:

$11.12 for a 20lb box on Amazon. Free shipping with Amazon Prime in the continental US or low standard shipping.

Helpful Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars The Only Cat Litter I Will Buy

June 30, 2018

I’ve tried several brands of cat litter. None clump as well as Fresh Step (all varieties). I’ve also previously used non-clumping litter for my cats, but believe that clumping litter is more sanitary since it allows for liquid waste to also be removed from the box. I never have issues with odor. The litter is lightly scented but it’s not unpleasant to me. Nor does it seem to bother my cats sensitive sense of smell. Highly recommend. –Loretta on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars  I LOVE this stuff

June 17, 2018

I LOVE this stuff. I’m never going back to plain unscented litter. We have a small bathroom, which is unfortunately the only place that we can keep my cat’s litter pan at the moment. Despite that, her box doesn’t stink it up, and dare I say, it actually smells pleasant. It also does a fantastic job at clumping, and has little dust. –Li on Amazon


Best Multi-Cat Litter: Arm & Hammer Platinum Slide

Key Features:

  • Litter easily slides out of the pan for full-tray renewal
  • Uses Arm & Hammer baking soda and other eliminators for odor control
  • Clumps easily and is 100% dust free

First Impressions:

The Arm & Hammer Platinum Slide is ideal for a multiple-cat household that needs high-odor control and quick, easy litter box cleaning. The company offers users of this litter a 7-Day Odor-Free Home Guaranteed, and reviews have seemed to agree that the litter carries a heavy enough scent to mask litter smells overall. The easy-slide feature is a big benefit for a multi-cat household since you’ll most likely be replacing a cat’s litter entirely each week instead of scooping smaller portions of the box.
Since the Platinum Slide is strongly scented, sensitive noses may find it a bit overpowering.

Price Point:

$24.99 for a 37lb box on Amazon. Free shipping with Amazon Prime in the continental US or low standard shipping.

Helpful Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars  So far best litter with forever tray

December 30, 2018

This is the best litter we have found with the forever litter tray. It works best with the auto cat box. Almost instantly it clumps and is scoopable. It does stick a little to the plastic tray but nothing like other cat litter. It comes up super easy. We have 3 cats, one over 9lbs who is the male and 2 under 9 which are females. We have three little boxes and all three use this litter. We subscribe and save with 2 boxes a month and with 3 cats it gets us through. A bit on the expensive side but worth the no hassle of cleaning it. The odor or smell isn’t overwhelming to bother my asthma. Very little to no dust when pouring it out. Love this stuff! — MassRes

5.0 out of 5 stars  Hard Clumps, Doesn’t stick!

December 21, 2018

Over the last year I have tried countless different brands and options of kitty litter. This by far has been the best. The Clumps are rock hard, making it easier to clean. It does not stick to the sides or bottom of the pan like other kitty litters do. The only time I have had an issue with it sticking a little bit, is when I was running low on litter and there wasn’t much left in the pan. If there is an adequate amount of kitty litter in the pan, this product will work as it is advertised The only time I have had an issue with it sticking a little bit, is when I was running low on litter and there wasn’t much left in the pan. Even then, it was still much better than the sticking and cementing I have experienced with Fresh Step. If there is an adequate amount of kitty litter in the pan, this product will work as it is advertised. — Jen


Best Flushable Cat Litter: Okocat Clumping Wood Litter

Key Features:

  • Flush-able and biodegradable
  • Made from 100% sustainable wood fiber without added scents
  • Dust free and good odor control

First Impressions:

Being more eco-friendly with kitty litter is a huge bonus, especially when you can simply flush it away (keeping in mind your plumping capabilities). For anyone looking for a natural litter option without added scents, this one could be the best fit for you. The wood pellets clump when used which is great for easy scooping but reviewers have recommended getting a scoop with bigger holes so that the unused wood pellets can fall back into the bin while scooping since they’re larger than clay particles. Okocat’s litter packaging also comes with a convenient pour-spout built into the side, which makes adding more litter easy since wood litter is half as heavy as clay.

The only con is that wood litter can track, so consider getting a litter mat to keep the litter-box area clean.

Price Point:

$13.99 for a 19.8lb box on Amazon. Free shipping with Amazon Prime in the continental US or low standard shipping.

Helpful Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars  Awesome litter!

March 6, 2017

I was using another pine product that was supposed to clump. It kind of did, but once we used this we realized the other litter didn’t actually clump, but more just “stuck together” and when you scooped it, it fell apart. This Okocat is GREAT! solid clumps that you can actually scoop out in one piece!. No smell, No dust, light tracking onto the floor. I have 3 cats and 1 huge litter box, so I have to use this whole box in one shot.. Well, that might change when we don’t have to fill the whole box next time. — Sheryl


5.0 out of 5 stars  Better for cat and family

February 6, 2019

We use this in our top entry litter box for a very picky cat. It does a good job clumping the urine and not coming apart easily when she digs around in the litter. It can break apart if the clumps are handled roughly upon removal from the litter box, which I did one time, but even the smaller pieces stick together and can be removed with a scoop. It does a good job controlling odor, especially from the urine. Because it’s not clay or chemicals it’s much better for our feline family member as well as everyone who breathes the air in our home. It’s also better for the environment. Our picky cat seems to like this litter much better than others we have tried. — Kasey



Best Cat Litter for Clumping: Fresh Step Extreme

Key Features:

  • Super odor control for a heavily used litter box
  • Low dust and clumping
  • Affordable pricing

First Impressions:

Fresh Step has the best odor control since it’s made to completely mask/destroy bathroom smells with activated carbon and a Febreze scent that’s activated when the litter is moved around. Reviewers agreed, and the product offers a guaranteed 10-day odor control which is great for any especially smelly kitties or for owners who may not scoop the litter box as often as they should. Another handy feature is that the cat litter comes in smaller bags inside the box so users don’t have to lift the entire package of heavy clay when pouring into the litter box.

For those who are sensitive to scents this litter might not be the best fit due to the Febreze, but overall the scent didn’t seem super overpowering for the average user.

Price Point:

$21.99 for a 20lb box on Amazon. Free shipping with Amazon Prime in the continental US or low standard shipping.

Helpful Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars  Best litter ever

September 23, 2018

I’ve had cats for over 35 years. I always lug a 20 pound box of litter home from the supermarket. No matter what litter I get or how often I clean out the litter pan, there is always a distinct urine odor. No more! This is the best litter I have ever used. I don’t like the smell of Febreze but this just masks the urine odor without that sweet Febreze smell. I literally don’t smell anything. The second best part is I don’t have to carry heavy boxes of litter home – just have it delivered right to my door. – Allene

5.0 out of 5 stars  Preferred by my cat

August 29, 2018

I have a cat that would only use the litter box to pee even though I cleaned the box every day. I realized she did not like the cat litter so I tried several different brands. This is the one she prefers. Problem solved. No more messes to clean up on my carpeting. The fresh scent indeed lasts, it clumps well, and I have peace of mind knowing I won’t come home to find “gifts” in my office. – Kat

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  • Stacey Matthews

    I’m a little surprised that World’s Best Cat Litter isn’t mentioned here. I just switched from clay to this corn based litter and I am amazed! No dust, no smell, clumps, lightweight, tidy, and my cat loves it!

  • Pat Cameron

    Dr. Elsey’s is the absolute best cat litter out there. There is no comparison to these others on this list. And there are several different types to choose from. Why isn’t it on this list.?

  • Susan Burge

    I’ve used pretty nearly every kind of litter over the years. The absolute best I’ve tried is the Garfield litter. It’s a corn/cassava mix and clumps harder than any other I’ve used. It’s flushable, too.

  • Sherry

    We used to use Precious Cat by Dr. Elsey’s but it got so expensive with 6 cats. Now we use Frisco, a Chewy exclusive brand. We like it better and it costs quite a bit less.

  • TVL

    Hands down, World’s Best & Blue Buffalo eco-friendly, clumping litters are the only ones I recommend to my clients. Never clay with silica dust!!

  • Crystal

    We use fresh step cat litter Crystals we have found it to be the best for budget smell and all 3 cats liking it as one is very picky and have zero issues with her with this litter and the Crystals are perfect size not to big and not to small

  • Linda

    I was using Arm & Hammer and switched to Tidy Cats. My 2 cats love it and so do I. Does the trick and cheaper.

  • Catherine Dalton

    We use Equine Pine from Tractor Supply.
    About $6 for FORTY POUNDS.
    Our cats love it, it controls odor REALLY WELL, and it cheap AND biodegradeable.

  • Trina Grosse

    I started using Dr Elsey’s a few months ago! Where has this litter been all my life? It is fabulous! Larger litter pieces like clay litter but scoopable….and NO TRACKING! The clumps are very, very hard and extrememly easy to scoop. Cannot understand why this isn’t on the list!!

  • Donna

    I’ve tried all kinds of litter and I have not been able to find a way to prevent it sticking to my 🐈 cat. I need one that doesn’t track everywhere. Any suggestions? Help!

    • Nicole E.

      Hi Donna!

      We like Spoon for non-tracking (if you use catmag5 you can also save $5 off your purchase)

  • Cindy Randall

    Without a doubt, Dr. Elsey’s cat litter for long haired cats is the best litter I’ve ever used. No litter box smell ever. I scoop every day and only have to change litter once a month. Have 2 persians, but have also gotten friends who have short hair cats to switch to Dr. Elsey’s. It is pricey, but I only need to change the litter once a month (best price is from Chewy auto delivery). I hope they never discontinue this litter.

  • kaylee

    woah thanks on neon litter

  • Rozanne Seelen

    I am always looking for the best litter for me and my cat. I have severe asthma and cannot use anything that has any scent so I am trying various litters. I have found that “Clean Paws”
    unscented is good but I am always interested in recommendations.

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