Like the rest of us, cats like to be entertained. Sleeping and eating have their merits but a little extra stimulation can go a long way toward improving a kitty’s mental and physical wellbeing. Plus it keeps the little rascals out of trouble. If you want to introduce more fun into your cat’s life, the following 10 items are worth checking out.

#1. A Wand Toy like Foxy Tricks

As fierce and agile predators, cats love to play games that allow them to stalk and chase moving prey. A wand toy is the perfect way to bond with your cat while nurturing their innate hunting skills. As you expertly maneuver their prey across the floor, the wand provides distance between your hand and their sharp, flying claws. Fun (and safe) for the whole family.


#2. An Electronic Roll-Around Mouse Cat Toy

Yes cats love chasing things that move, but sometimes Mom and Dad just don’t have the energy to run around waving and dangling things. This situation calls for the next best thing: an electronic cat toy. Whether it’s a mouse that zig zags along the floor or a contraption that spits out moving lasers, your cat is sure to go crazy trying to stalk and chase their electronic prey. All while you relax with a glass of wine on the couch.


#3. A Light up Toy like the Petstages Flashing Firefly Mat

Things that light up are exciting for everyone, including your cat. Generally found in the form of mice and balls, these toys often involve touch activated flashing lights that stimulate your cat into action.


#4. A Cat Tree (Sauder Natural Sphere Cat Tower is the gorgous one pictured)

Cat trees increase the vertical space a cat can use, keeping them off your bookshelves. They’re particularly great for introducing into homes with multiple kitties who may not be the best of friends. Cat trees allow them share an area without being side by side, reducing the probability of conflict. They can also create a sense of safety for cats who prefer to not to be the centre of attention.


#5. A fun Cat Tunnel like the Neko Pawds Tunnel

Cat tunnels are great because their simple design serves multiple functions. For shy cats, cat tunnels can provide a concealed pathway across a normally exposed and daunting room. For high energy kitties, they offer a pathway for running and hiding and can provide the perfect launching pad for a sneak attack. They’re also great for private naps. With multi-path options available, cat tunnels aim to please.


#6. A Remote Control Toy like the Petcube Camera

Remote control toys let you play with your cat while exerting minimal energy. It’s like playing a video game with real life results; the results being, in this case, driving your cat crazy (in a fun way) by making something bob, bounce or zip across the floor.


#7. Wall-Mounted Cat Furniture like the amazing Catastrophic Creations Deluxe Boardwalk

Cats love jumping on things and observing the world from high places. And humans like preserving their floor space for people things. Wall mounted cat furniture is a win-win for everyone, providing kitty with interesting new heights to explore and you with more floor space to work with. With tons of impressive designs to choose from, you’re sure to find something that actually looks great too.

8. An IPad App designed for cats like Paint for Cats

It’s already been established that cats love things that move and light up, which makes an ipad app the perfect option for 21st century cats. Some apps were designed with cats in mind, while others just happen to appeal to a feline audience. Apps vary but generally work their magic by displaying moving targets that can be swiped by curious paws. While they rack up points, you get to feel the thrill of vicarious success.


#9. A Cat Treat Dispenser Toy like Trixie Fun Board Strategy Game

These toys make your cat work for their treats, stimulating their brain to solve riddles that lead to happy taste buds. Some cat treat dispensers offer multiple levels of difficulty, letting cats work their way up to treat extraction mastery. A healthy mind and a happy tummy – what more can a cat ask for?


#10. Monthly Subscription Box filled with surprises from Meowbox

This monthly mail out of cat treats and toys is the perfect way to keep your cats entertained and on their toes. Each month a new box stuffed with high quality items is mailed to your home, resulting in a constant supply of exciting new surprises. Your cat will think Christmas comes every month, and you’ll feel like Santa Claus.  Special Offer: subscribe using the code MODERNCAT to get 10% off your order at!