Let your cat snuggle and nuzzle to her heart’s content with the Annabella Pillow ($20) from Bavarian Cat Toys. This cat-sized pillow is filled with just the right amount of Bavarian grown valerian root and catnip to entice and amuse your cat!












The Feather N’ Bell Wand Teaser ($9) will drive your cat wild! The feathers will be sure to entice your cats natural hunting instincts the bell will grab their attention! Guaranteed to keep your delighted cat playing for hours!


Playtime is made more exciting with the Peek-A-Prize Toy Box ($30) from Pioneer Pet. This fun wooden toy box can be filled with catnip toys, treats, and jingly balls and is a great way to stimulate indoor cats and encourage their natural predatory behaviors!


Your cat is going to LOVE this. Hide, stalk, pounce, scratch—the Ripple Rug ($40) lets your cat do it all. The upper rug’s 13 touch-points attach to a carpet base to form customizeable ripples that create tunnels, hideouts, and scratching spots. The configuration options are as wild as your imagination and your cat’s desires, letting you provide a new adventure as often as you like!

Is your cat a climber? This Premium Cat Tree X2001 from Armarkat ($49) provides a perfect spot for your cat to lounge, two great scratching spots, and a cute mouse toy to pounce on. A purrfect way to keep your cat engaged and provide them with some interactive fun!

Who doesn’t love sushi? Be ready for a Feline Frenzy when you give your cat this Sassy Sushi Toy set from P.L.A.Y. ($9.90)! One of the best features with these adorable toys is the built-in refillable pouch, which is pre-stuffed with USDA Organic Catnip. Another great option for keeping your cat active and playful!



The next generation of cat-tertainment! Shru ($99) is an interactive toy that automatically responds to your cat’s style of play by mimicking a small animal’s erratic movement and sound. It’s rechargeable by USB and you can configure it to operate in different play modes, as well as change the tail feather style, to keep your cat super-engaged and entertained.