The super-cute and space-conscious Kitty Camo Coil by Petstages ($25) collapses for easy storage when not in use. The rest of the time, it satisfies your cat’s natural need for a safe retreat from which to observe the goings on of your—or, more accurately, her—household.

Since she’s already tried to claim yours, why not unroll a Feline Yogi yoga mat ($25) to give your cat a dedicated mat all her own? It combines a stretch out and lounge spot with rewarding scratch-ability and a catnip-stuffed natural twine ball for play time!

{Editor’s Choice} Ready to get wild? Primal Pet Shop’s awesome toys are handmade in the USA using real bison fur and leather to drive your cats crazy. Their Flying Squirrel teaser toy ($14) has an enticingly long swishy tail, a leather lace to make it scurry, and can be stuffed with organic catnip or a rattle for extra fun.

Stuffed to the gills with catnip, these colourfully embroidered Yeowww’s Stinkies Catnip Sardines ($13) will drive your cat wild! 

Grab, kick, throw, chew—whatever your cat’s jam, she’ll want to get her paws on this catnip toy from Pioneer Pet ($11). Filled with plenty of organic catnip, this cute fish-shaped toy will entertain catnip-loving cats for hours. Feel good bonus: a portion of proceeds goes to shelters and rescue groups!

Here’s a super-fun cat toy you can feel great about buying! Honest Pet Products’ Eco Catty Pillar ($16) is made from natural felted wool and hemp twine, with all the wool components made by rural Nepalese women, which supports impoverished families. Plus, a portion of every sale goes directly to Nepalese families in need. We love it and your cat will too!

Double the pleasure, double the fun! The Annabella Pillow from Bavarian Cat Toys ($20) contains catnip and valerian, combined with a natural spelt filling that makes this cat-sized pillow completely irresistible!