True Carnivores

Healthy meaty diet, happy cat

The first and most crucial ingredient in maintaining your cat’s well-being is, of course, her diet. To that end, you must give her the best food you can, in the correct quantities. Too much and she’ll suffer from obesity, a major problem with cats today. Too little, and she could develop malnutrition leading to illness or disease. The same goes for food quality; feed her a poor quality food and she will suffer, and fail to reach the age she could if fed properly.

Feed a high quality, meat-based food. Cats are true carnivores and as such, do not fare well with the substantial amounts of carbohydrates, which can, over time, contribute to the development of diabetes, kidney problems, or both. You may wish to consider feeding a balanced raw diet, available at many good pet stores today. If you decide to make your own, speak to your veterinarian first, to ensure you include all the essential ingredients. Taurine, for example, an amino acid vital to a cat’s health, cannot be made in the cat’s body, and must therefore be in her food. Though this important nutrient is present in meat, most owners who feed a raw diet add taurine supplements, as well as vitamin/mineral supplements, to ensure good health.

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  • Karen Missenden

    I feed mine a raw meat diet of chicken turkey lamb beef and ox heart which he loves. I always add taurine to the meat so dude gets the nutrients he needs. I must be doing it right because when I last took him to the vet he said he’s wait was perfect. His treats lactose free milk occasional lumps of cheese and meaty stick treats.

  • Autumn Auger

    Sometimes I feed my cat (Stormy) raw game meat. To get the critters or whatever they are off we put salt on the meat. We haven’t gone to the vet since, but i’m sure its okay to feed it to her because she used to be a barn cat. she loves it and its what she used to eat.

  • Richard Soto

    I’m so grateful for the information I didn’t know about certain ingredients. Now I do thank you❤😊🐈

  • Alyssia Corbett

    Lily doesn’t eat or like wet food she only eats well tuna once in a life time, and then she eats 2x a day 1/2 cup of the blue Buffalo wilderness chicken indoor health adult dry food grain free, just switched to the grain free last month so this would be the 2nd month, blue Buffalo wilderness chicken indoor health adult chicken dry food grain free, is the most healthiest and best food for all kitty 🐈 cats especially if a kitty 🐈 cat is a little over weight or is in need to lose the weight and to control the weight.

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