Auggie & Cali

Ocicat / Calico Tabby Cats

Meet Auggie & Cali

Meet Auggie (3 yrs) & Cali (1yr), these 2 are best of friends. They are always together either playing, eating, sleeping or looking out the windows. When they run up & down the stairs, you would think a heard was coming. Both were adopted a few months apart in 2015, Cali was only 5 months old & Auggie was very gentle with her in play reguardless of how crazy or rough she would be (at that time he was 12 lbs she was 4 lbs).   

Facts About Me
  • Age 3 years & 1 year
  • Nicknames Auggie Doggy / Lee Lee
  • Dislikes being separated from one another
  • Foods almost anything whether it is cat food or our food (which we limit to them)
  • Pastimes looking out the window watching the birds outside
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