Auri & Doone

Domestic Shorthair/Domestic Longhair

Meet Auri & Doone

Doone was adopted 9 yrs ago in CA, where we lived. He quickly bonded with my husband and I, his new family. Three (3) yrs ago, we moved to OK. He was such a good boy, smelling his way to his new home! Once settled, we adopted Auri. She brought the sass and hilarity into our home! She and Doone are very funny together, playing hard every day, cuddling, being sweet, eating and snoozing. Their unconditional love and happiness has brought so much joy and completeness to our little family!

Facts About Me
  • Age Auri (Aurora) almost 3yr &. Doone 11.5yr
  • Nicknames Auri (Girl-Girl) & Doone (Doonie)
  • Dislikes Posing for too many pictures for Momma!
  • Foods Fancy Feast- Give us the Gravy!!! and Royal Canin kibbles
  • Pastimes Auri-Getting lots of kitty massages, being petted, PLAYING & Doone-cuddling, napping, PLAYING
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