Axl Rose

Maine Coon/Mixed Breed

Meet Axl Rose

I am a fluffy orange kitty with big green eyes and a playful personality. However, if I start getting “crazy eyes“ move your hands fast! I get overly excited and like to hold your arm, but my nails are sharp! During the day, I like to sleep, a lot. At night I get frisky & like to run through the house & play for 10 minutes. Then I get tired & I jump into my big blue beanbag, curl up and go to sleep. Around 4 AM, I go to mom’s room & wake her up to let her know I want treats now. I am Axl Rose?!

Facts About Me
  • Age 11
  • Nicknames Poopsie, Rosie Posie, Axl Poopsie, Poops (long story)
  • Dislikes When I don’t get my breakfast or dinner on time, when mom forgets about my treats- when she gets home, and I must have a clean litter box every day
  • Foods Dry food, tuna juice and spinach.
  • Pastimes Helping mom work on her computer and sending emails for her.
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