Meet Bambi

Bambi is currently 10 months old. She is beautiful orange tabby with huge, golden eyes! She is very spoiled! She is relaxed and very affectionate, unless you are trying to clean her fur or put clothing on her against her will. She's very active and energetic! She loves pulling out and playing with ALL her toys, even after momma cleans them up. She seems to look like a little kitty but, has characteristics of a dog, a bird, a snake and a rabbit sometimes. Overall, she is the sweetest kitty!

Facts About Me
  • Age 10 months
  • Nicknames BamBam, Bambina, Little Turkey, Princess and Spoiled Baby.
  • Dislikes Being cleaned, clothes, loud noises and the vacuum.
  • Foods Chicken, tuna, salmon, yogurt, basically anything she can get her paws on before its taken away.
  • Pastimes Laying on momma, playing with toys, attempting to eat anything she can, looking inquisitively out the window and relaxing on her soft baby blanket.
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