Meet Bez

Bez showed up at my door a few days before Christmas last year. I made every attempt to find his owner but to no avail. Who would leave this beauty behind? Well, he's mine now and spoiled beyond belief. And so am I...he's the bright shining star in my every day!  

Facts About Me
  • Age Guessing around 3yrs or so.
  • Nicknames Bezzles, The Bezanator, Bezzie Boy, Cat Hat, Silver Onion, Silverback Gorilla, Brow Brow (based on the sound of his meow) and other names based on his sounds that end up sounding Japanese.
  • Dislikes Broom Hilda (upstairs tenant that wasn't pleased with his arrival). Too bad! He's staying! Dehydrated shrimp makes him barf...fresh shrimp does not.
  • Foods Almo Nature canned food, Orijen Six Fish crunchies and My Mighty Lion treats.
  • Pastimes Hunting birds, cleaning, digging holes, killing insects, sleeping on my head, playing with his toys and just being super cool!
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