Chartreux/Russian Blue

Meet Bib

Bib is a 10 month old kitten who loves to try new things, ranging from random fruits to glow sticks. He is a thief in the night, actively playing around with small objects just for us to find them all under our couch a month later. He is a competitive eater, never getting full from what he eats. Besides that, Bib loves to play, whether it be cat, insect, or human. He never hisses or gets aggressive and is an overall, loving and energetic critter. Live, laugh, love Bib!!

Facts About Me
  • Age 10 months
  • Nicknames Fat ass, Bibito, Bibi
  • Dislikes Fruit
  • Foods Raw chicken, bacon fat, leftover food on plates, anything besides fruit
  • Pastimes Sunbathing, clawing on backpacks, brushing girlsโ€™ hair, grooming, loafing in weird spots, eating whatever food he sees
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