Bonnie the Cat


Meet Bonnie the Cat

Bonnie is a Diva , she runs the place , project manager, allows us to work full time jobs to house and feed her .. demanding.. but such a personality, she’s very easy to love

Facts About Me
  • Age 11
  • Nicknames Bonnie , Queen , Princess, your majesty
  • Dislikes Bonnie dislikes People rushing up at her when she’s not expecting it..
  • Foods She’s a big fan of temptation’s or any treat that’s in a package or box that makes noise , she enjoys Blue Mtn.. wet flakes as a special treat and Iams blue bag as dry food along with ice in her water
  • Pastimes Getting up in your business, being nosey , getting into stuff , squawking for treats or whatever she’s wanting at the time
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  • So cute!
  • How adorable!
  • Love!
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