Maine Coone & Earnest Hemingway mix

Meet Calvin

Calvin enjoys dancing to music and eating cat treats.  He enjoys riding in my car and does not need a cat carrier.  He likes to sit in the passenger seat and meow when he wants the window up or down.  Calvin loves to stick his head out the window while I'm driving down the road.

Facts About Me
  • Age 9
  • Nicknames Sir Sleeps Alot
  • Dislikes being woken up
  • Foods Purina Whisker Lickin Tuna Crunch Treats, Oranix Dry Cat Food, Tiki Tuna Canned Cat Food
  • Pastimes Saying "hmmph" when he does not get his way, Eating treats, Riding in my car with his head out the window, dancing to popular music with his tail
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