Cassandra Declawed Cat

American medium hair Tux

Meet Cassandra Declawed Cat

My name is Cassandra Cat, I came into my new fur parent's yard nine years ago, declawed, hungry, boney, hurt, confused, afraid.I am on a rampage of a war to make declawing illegal, and tell everyone that declawing is cutting the leg bone, not just the claw, the claw is attached to the leg bone, I walk on my bones, my paw pads are shriveled up, I have anger issues, I bite my fur parent a lot, she cannot pet me. Please help, Like THE PAW PROJECT SANTA MONICA CALIFORNIA.

Facts About Me
  • Age ten
  • Nicknames Cass, Cassy, Dolly, Princess
  • Dislikes Vets Who Declaw, I hate them with a passion.
  • Foods tuna, high grade dry food from the smaller companies.
  • Pastimes Getting even with the vet who declawed me.
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