Chance (left), Kitto (right)

Bengal Mix, Calico Tabby

Meet Chance (left), Kitto (right)

Chance (left)  found on July 4th, 2013, had been living in the woods/country.  Was nursed back toh health and recovered from a parisite.  He is so cuddly, loves belly rubs and esp. loves to play.  He is approximately a little under 2 years old.     Kitto (right), is also a rescue cat.  She is the 'mamma' cat, at approximately 10 years old.  Has taken every bit of a year to adjust to Chance, but enjoys his company.  

Facts About Me
  • Age 1.5 and 10
  • Dislikes For both, any sudden or loud noise, they both scurry away, as if being chased.
  • Foods They're not too picky, get soft food in the morning, different flavors, and a little dry food to crunch on.
  • Pastimes Looking out the window together, laying on the blanket in the sun.
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