Maine Coon

Meet Charlotte

Hi I'm Charlie! Everyone always says I'm so small and cute, but I'm ferocious!! I won't lie, I do like to snuggle sometimes...but only on my humans chest/face, it's the comfiest spot. Other than that I can run super fast! I can jump really far!! And I can catch ANYTHING ! My stuffed Woody always tries to jump away but I can always get him!! I'm such a morning person, I love to wake up early! I start my day by singing my humans awake- they love it. I love my little family, I'm as happy as can be!

Facts About Me
  • Age 3 months
  • Nicknames Charlie
  • Dislikes Sleeping at night, things hiding under blankets, EDM music, cords, hugs that last too long
  • Foods Chicken!! Also beef, tuna, and granola
  • Pastimes Playing with Max, talking with my humans, watching birdies, playing in tunnels
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  • How adorable!
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