Meet Chloe

This past year,Chloe’s back end suddenly started falling over and her legs would splay out.She was seen in the ER & by a neurologist. X-ray,bld work,CT with sedation.Diagnosis: IVDD (herniated disc). Urgent neurosurgery with anesthesia was done. It’s been 4 months now & she is about 90% recovered.This will likely be her new normal.We are just thankful she got to 90%.Our only regret? Not having pet insurance ?.What we don’t regret? Having the surgery done. We LOVE you Chloe!! ?You are worth it ?

Facts About Me
  • Age 6
  • Nicknames Chlo-Chlo, Co-Co, Chlo-bear, Diva,
  • Dislikes The scary vacuum,Going to the vet, Going in the car,Getting my nails trimmed,Loud noises (the fire and house alarm scare the ? out of me!?),My cat brother & sister (I prefer humans),Being picked up
  • Foods Any canned food, Churu,Temptations,Greenies, Very small amounts of human foods such as: Lactose free milk & Yogurt, Pudding,Icing,Syrup,Lady fingers,Cake,Chicken,Deli meat,Cheese,Chef Boyardee Ravioli
  • Pastimes Hanging out on my new catio that my dad built me. Hanging outside on my harness with my parents, running out the front door and laughing at my parents when they come running after me ?, sleeping
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