part Siamese

Meet Cinnamon

Hello I’m Cinnamon! I am the 20th birthday gift to my owner, Mallory from her boyfriend! Her boyfriend calls me Sherlock but Mallory wanted my name to be Tater Tot or Cinnamon so she landed on Cinnamon. I’m the most fearless and people-loving cat in the world. I’m so beautifully and uniquely colored that Mallory is shocked that she can be my owner. I love to follow her around EVERYWHERE! Recently, I jumped and landed in her food bowl because I just wanted to be near her. I’m the sweetest kitty.

Facts About Me
  • Age 1 yr old
  • Nicknames Sherlock, little muffin, baby nugget
  • Dislikes almost nothing. I’m a weird cat. I love running water and vacuums. My owner is so confused.
  • Foods Kit & Kaboodle
  • Pastimes Biting my owner’s pajama pants, sitting up high, and eating !!
Cats Like Me
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