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Meet Claudia

Claudia is a true diva. She was born into a family of performing cats in Chicago. Her mom is the famous Tuna of the Rock Cats. Although born under the footlights, Claudia has never been onstage. I brought her to my pet salon when she was a mere kitten of 3 months old. For almost eight years she has enjoyed meeting, greeting and being adored by pet parents in two cities...and she models my cat hairstyles! (Claudia is shown here in the style I call the Key West Cub.) Doesn't she just exude

Facts About Me
  • Age 8 years
  • Dislikes Not being the center of attention.
  • Foods Solid Gold Indigo Moon. Wysong Chicken Stew with Gravy canned food. Bravo! Turkey Training Treats
  • Pastimes Leaping on the front counter. Having her hiney patted.
Cats Like Me
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