Dorian & Gray


Meet Dorian & Gray

Dorian and Gray, the Nebelung/Siberian duo, exude elegance and mystery with their long silky blue-gray coats and striking green eyes. Known for their gentle and reserved nature, they share an extraordinary bond with their human protectors. Affectionate and devoted, they thrive on cuddles, making their humans the center of their world. Dorian and Gray, with their regal presence and unwavering love, bring a sense of tranquility and joy to their shared home. There's a soul-healing quality to them.

Facts About Me
  • Age 8
  • Nicknames Mr. Gray, Baby kitty
  • Dislikes When another male cat is hanging around the house
  • Foods Gray loves everything, Dorian is picky with food.
  • Pastimes paper ball play, fetch, string chasing, bird watching
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