Meet Ellie

Ellie had a stage where she was anxious for her sister when she got hit by a car. She wouldn\'t leave her sister\'s side for over a month. She was depressed most of the time. She made it through and Is back to her playful self. It would mean to both of us if Ellie got your vote and support. Thank you!

Facts About Me
  • Age Unknown
  • Nicknames Ellie woo, pudding, baby
  • Dislikes Tiger (next door naighbour cat), Loud noises
  • Foods Whiskers, Dreamies, go cat
  • Pastimes Rolling in mud, cuddles, hunnting
Comments (0)
  • So cute!
  • How adorable!
  • Love!
  • 🐱
  • 😻
  • πŸ†
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