Orange tabby

Meet Felix

Felix has a special bond with his kid sister Avarie who is a 7 year old human. He’s known for snugging her extra when she’s sick. Especially if she has an ear infection, feely is right here purring over her hurt ear. He does this thing where he wraps his arms around her embackng with a huge hug and hiding his face in her hair. He also needs to be held every morning around 10am and will follow you around he house until you rock him like a baby for 20 minutes. He is super photogenic.

Facts About Me
  • Age 5
  • Nicknames Feely, Doritopaw, feelfy
  • Dislikes The dog. Definitely the dog.
  • Foods Cereal
  • Pastimes Drinking from the sink, hugging his humans and burrowing his face in their hair, running full speed through the house at 3am making noises only a stampede of horses should make.
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