Domestic Silver Gray/White Shorthair

Meet Figgs

Job: Alpha Cat at B&J Signs Duties: Act Cute to acquire much needed attention and food for all ferals in the area. Employee stress relief. Entice employers to feed myself and all other cats in the area Origin: Abandoned by humans and alone fighting to the top on the streets of the industrial area. I let Colin get close to me to handfeed me cooked chicken and the next thing was into a warm building, lots of food, cuddles, treats, blankets and love. Redemption.

Facts About Me
  • Age Not sure maybe 3 ish?
  • Nicknames Figaro. Thug. Goofball. Goomba.
  • Dislikes Hard cat toy balls. People who abandon their pets.
  • Foods CatMilk. Plain cooked chicken (fed by hand of course) and any wet food with gravy or sauce. And treats. I always beg for extras for my friends outside but I always eat first.
  • Pastimes Beating up my handsewn catnip bags! Naps on Colin's lap. Teasing Tiana when she's working.
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