Lynx Point Siamese

Meet Finn

Finn was found on the street. He was the quintessential Scaredy Cat; when we adopted him from the shelter he was hiding under a cat bed. But over the last two years, he has come out of his shell. It's been incredible to see his personality develop. He likes to wake me up every morning by getting as close to my face as he can (a photo of this recently went viral), he is extremely talkative, and he is adorably clumsy. Finn is a love bug who adores giving hugs. :)

Facts About Me
  • Age 2 years
  • Nicknames Finny, Big Boy, Love Bug
  • Dislikes Being ignored, being woken from naps, when it's not lunch time
  • Foods Chicken, tuna Popsicles, treats that are stolen from his sister
  • Pastimes Pushing his mama off her own pillow, hugging his humans, sleeping on windowsills and falling off them
Cats Like Me
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