orange american tabby cat

Meet gizmo

Gizmo was currently 4 months and found as a stray with his mom his darted and got hit by a car someone just tossed him in a thorn bush and left him a few minutes later me and my friend found him when we got him his eyes were terrible infected so we took him to the vet and got him special treatment but the vet said he will be blind in one eye for rest of his life but he is doing so much better now. gizmo had a female cat he loved very much they had two kittens 4-5 years she died after birth.

Facts About Me
  • Age 20 years old
  • Nicknames mo or giz giz
  • Dislikes baths and loud noises
  • Foods blue buffalo cat food he loves the chicken and friskie treats
  • Pastimes sleeping on the cat post, spending time with his two kittens and he loves his naps
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