Seal Point Siamese

Meet Gizmo

It's a very long story on how I came to have Gizmo.  I always considered myself a dog person though I never disliked cats, I just never owned one.  My little man is the best, from endless hours of playing fetch to sleeping either on my pillow or my head every night.  If you speak his name he responds with a "meow" no matter what he's doing.  He's the most loveable cat ever.  Even my friends who are allergic can't stop playing with him!

Facts About Me
  • Age Turns 3 on 22 July
  • Nicknames Baby Gizmo; G-Unit; G-Baby; Gizzy; Gizzer
  • Dislikes Dogs; hot sauce
  • Foods Chicken; salmon; steak; pork ribs
  • Pastimes Playing fetch with his mouse toys; waking me up at 5am every morning
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