Domestic Short Hair, Orange Tabby

Meet Goliath

Goliath found us about 9 years ago. He was about a year old and starving to death. Since "adopting" us, he became nearly a litter-mate brother to our other cat, Baby. He has the loudest purr, causing us to dub him "Diesel". However, in October of 2014 he was diagnosed with Stomatitis, a severe immune issue that causes inflamation and soreness in the mouth. With steroids we got him to eat again, but he still has flare ups. Now we are trying some holistic methods.

Facts About Me
  • Age 9
  • Nicknames Diesel, Grumpy, Sir-Grumps-A-Lot, Baseball Mitt (large paws)
  • Dislikes Loud Doggies, Annoying Young kitties, Medicine
  • Foods Gushy food, baby food, pureed meat, licking doritos
  • Pastimes Loafing around, purring about nothing, smacking cats in the face
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