Tuxedo Cat

Meet Hisirdoux

I got Douxie from a shelter about 3 years ago, he loves pets and kisses, but is not a fan of being held or picked up. He has lots of toys but cannot resist a shoelace (I have replaced several) He is very independent yet very affectionate. He is my little hunter! No bug is safe! He is very curious and always on the go, infact I only have 3 pics of him sleeping. Literally the exact opposite of his fellow cat roommate Archie. They are so different that I'm honestly surprised they get along!

Facts About Me
  • Age 3.5
  • Nicknames Douxie & Fuz Face
  • Dislikes Water and being picked up.
  • Foods Flys and Fish guts
  • Pastimes Running and getting into EVERYTHING
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