Ginger tabby

Meet Jasper

Jasper is a 2-year-old ginger tabby. He is adventurous, friendly and cuddly. He is known for sleeping in very strange positions. If he likes you, he will gently hook his teeth around your finger! He will eat anything- although he prefers human food to cat food. He is very smart and understands a lot of what you are saying; he can also be very, very naughty. He prefers girls to boys and is scared of strangers. He is a very clean cat- you will find him licking everything!

Facts About Me
  • Age 2
  • Nicknames Jaspey, Ginger, Jaffa cake
  • Dislikes Strangers, vacuum cleaners, being left alone
  • Foods Fish, Noodles, Rasins, Gravy, tomato sauce, human fingers
  • Pastimes Licking everything, using good looks to get what he wants
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