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Meet Kitty

This is Kitty as Cleocatra, she loves to dress up in costumes and have her photo taken.  It seems kind of unusual and we are always amazed that she really does seem to like it so much.  Also, when it's been a while since I've put an outfit on her she will bring out her clothing from her "wardrobe" box to let me know she would like to wear clothing and take photos. :)

Facts About Me
  • Age 8
  • Nicknames Miss Puff, Duchess of Catalina, Pretty Paws
  • Dislikes big dogs, vacuums, overly friendly cats
  • Foods kibble, chicken, wet food with pumpkin, Natural Balance cat food
  • Pastimes playing in the garden, being a model in photo shoots, eating kibble, playing with string with feathers
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