Levi and Spooky

Siamese/Russian blue and Khao Manee Mix

Meet Levi and Spooky

Here's a picture of them together. I've never had two cats that have been this close to each other. They sleep together, play together, and are never seperated. They are both under a year old and I got them about 2-3 weeks apart. They both have incredible rescues stories: Spooky was found in a cemerary, and Levi was rescued from a crowded rescue center. They are both so happy to be home!    Levi (Left), Spooky (Right)

Facts About Me
  • Age Both between 3-6 months.
  • Nicknames Heichou, Levi, Cat-Coon, Spoops, Spoopy, Spooconis
  • Dislikes Soda (Spooky's terrified), Fans, Loud noises, water
  • Foods Chicken, Yogurt, and anything Spooky can get her hands on
  • Pastimes Looking at the bird cage, knocking over things on the end table, drinking out of our glasses, playing together, looking out the window
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